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Heavy-duty door leaf processing equipment is used for processing door leaf lock holes, lock slots, and hinge slots. One machine can be used for multiple purposes, reducing the labor intensity of operators and improving equipment operation safety.

1.Heavy-duty annealing frame + servo adjustment worktable + through-type material infeed and outfeed; the maximum processing length is 3000mm, suitable for customization and mass production.
2.PC control, visual software interface, simple and convenient operation; handheld code scanning gun, one-click data import and processing (fixed automatic code scanning optional);
3.Equipped with 8 sets of processing spindles: lock hole 6kW+1.5kW, lock slot, hinge slot (6kW+1.5kW+0.75kW*2); lockhole and hinges are processed at the same time to improve processing efficiency;
4.The servo adjustment worktable can automatically adjust to the best adsorption position according to the length and width of the door leaf.
5.Intelligent visual editing and processing software, equipped with standard lock library to facilitate production operations;
6.Equipped with an automatic thickness measuring device, automatic positioning work clamp and manual positioning work clamp, can measure the thickness of the door panel then automatically clamp and fix.
7.Door frame processing: manual positioning and clamping to complete the door frame processing, one machine has multiple uses;
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