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KHM-660B+loading-unloading conveyor

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Heavy-Duty Four-Sides Cutter door machine with four sawing units. One-click data imported. The maximum working size is 2500mm which suitable for mass production.

1.Adopts PLC and PC control, handheld scanner. One-click data imported and proceed (option: fix auto scanner)2.Heavy-Duty frame with servo working table and throughfeed infeed and outfeed3.Four sets of sawing units (2 sets of longitudinal saw + 2 sets of horizontal saw)Machine adopts servo panetary reduction, linear guide and grinding rack4.Saw depth can be adjusted by servo control and screw5.Vacuum sucker adopts servo positioning, it can adjust the best adsorption place according to panel size6.With automatic wastage recycling system, reduce workload and improve safety. Teknik Parametreler Ürün Videosu


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Application Features: Automatically calibrates workpiece position and intelligently detects workpiece by position sensor; height of workpiece can be automatically adjusted;Label automatically pastes and system can detect if there is label missing or label wrong pasted by ensor.Available to connect with automatic unloader to consist of nesting automation line, so as to reduce error caused by manpower, and also to improve productivity

1.This equipment is mainly used for loading and labeling.
2.Weight capacity for the Lift table is 3500kg;
3.Stacking height:500mm
4.Auto Alignment ensures for an accurate labeling.
5.Pre-position in feeding process,to realized feeding in one-step completion
6.Alignment in labeller automatically calibrates the workpiece pposition
7.Detection device for missing labels or wrong paste .
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